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Werewolf Oz

Werewolf Oz

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💜 Each pin is 1.5 inches long and is made with soft enamel on iron.

💜 All of our pins have a double pin back for security.

💜 Laptop stickers are 3 inches in length. 

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OZ (into phone): Hey, Aunt Maureen? It's me… What…?

He studies the SMALL SCRATCH on his finger as he talks.

OZ (cont'd): Oh, actually, it's healing okay. That's pretty much the reason I called. I wanted to ask you something. (here goes) Is Jordy a werewolf?

He listens, nodding.

OZ (cont'd): Uh huh… And how long has that been going on…? Uh huh… (then) No reason… Okay, well, thanks. Love to Uncle Ken.

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