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πŸ’œ Each pin is 1.5 inches long and is made with soft enamel on iron.

πŸ’œ All of our pins have a double pin back for security.

πŸ’œΒ Laptop stickers are 3 inches in length.Β 

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πŸ’œ Free shipping when you order 3 pins or more.


This was part of the June 2024 edition of our Monthly Pin Club. Β 


Buffy: You guys ready?

Rickie: (still looking at his girl) Yeah. I think we're good. Um . . .

(looks at Buffy's name tag) 'Anne'.

Buffy glances at them briefly, then looks down at her pad to take their order.

Buffy: What'll you have?

Rickie reaches into his pocket and pulls out a handful of change.

Rickie: Well, okay . . . What can we get with this?

He dumps the change onto the table. It's mostly pennies, a few nickels and dimes, no quarters.

Buffy: Um . . .

Lily: (to Rickie) Can we get cake?

Rickie: (to Lily) Don't be stupid. We gotta eat healthy. We can't have cake. (to Buffy) Can we get pie?

Buffy: We've got a peach pie. (writes the order) I can't guarantee there's a peach in it.


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