Store Launch Giveaway

This store has been months in the works and we're so excited it's finally launched. Our first pin is available for sale right now. Proceeds from this pin will fund a new monthly subscription pin service.

Our goal is to sell enough throughout the rest of November so we can launch the subscription in January. Subscribing will have the benefit of discounts and free gifts but you will, of course, have the option to buy pins individually if you prefer. 

The first pin in the subscription will be inspired by a prop from Welcome to the Hellmouth. Join the discussion on our new Facebook group to guess what the pin will be and chat about the pins you'd like to see in the coming months. 

To celebrate our launch, we're having a giveaway!


Here are the prizes:

3rd Prize: A free pin of your choice
2nd Prize: A C$50 gift card to our store!
1st Prize: A 6-month subscription!

Contest extended until December 31, 2018


Here's how you can enter: 

Follow us on Instagram
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Subscribe to our Newsletter (on the footer of the homepage)
Tag a friend on any of our Social Media pages (one entry for every friend tagged, but please be kind and only tag Buffy fans/the friend who is going to buy you a Hellmouth Pins Gift Card for Christmas 😆 😈)
So what are you waiting for? Good luck! ☘️